By building on the example of the grand challenge of the “The Rise of Displaced People” (in line with the SDG Goal 16), possible impact metrics could include the following:

  • Access to Health Care Services: Change in awareness about epidemics, Change in real access to health care services, Change in awareness about legal entitlement to health care, Change in the percentage of treatment in chronic health problems, Change in time required/delay in treatment, Change in awareness about and implementation of domestic hygiene practices.
  • Access to Safe and Nutritious Food: Change in access to clean water, Change in access to food (distance, ease of payment/ tracking methods, etc.), Change in quality of the food, Change in food and nutrition diversity, Change in the awareness and availability of healthy diets
  • For any services/systems to be developed; availability, affordability and usability of the solution would be crosscutting KPIs.

“Possible Impact Metrics For The Non-Sewage Portable Toilet Pilot” builds on the non-sewage portable toilet cohort illustration in “Online Accelerator Platforms” and describes how some KPIs could be defined.

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