In 2020 calls SDGia welcomes teams and startups with ideas on Digital Agriculture and Financial Inclusion


SDGia will address the digital agriculture challenge in Uganda focusing on ‘world with zero hunger’ (SDG2) which requires more productive, efficient, sustainable, inclusive, transparent and resilient food systems. Another goal of the program is “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” (SDG9) which focuses on building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation at agriculture. The program aims at urgent transformation of the current agri-food systems with innovative solutions after COVID-19 from global and local entrepreneurs.

Our call is open to teams from all around the world and from Uganda. Click here to learn more.


Financial inclusion is a critical enabler of 8 SDGs focusing on eradicating poverty (SDG 1); ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture (SDG 2); profiting health and well-being (SDG 3); achieving gender equality and economic empowerment of women (SDG 5); promoting economic growth and jobs (SDG 8); supporting industry, innovation, and infrastructure (SDG 9); reducing inequality (SDG 10) ; and strengthening the means of implementation (SDG 17). The program aims an urgent transformation of the current financial system with innovative solutions after COVID-19 from global and local entrepreneurs.

Our call is open to teams from all around the world and from Bangladesh. Click here to learn more.


The SDGia starts with an online Pre-Accelerator Program in February 2021. Selected teams who complete this program are invited to the online Accelerator Program in April 2021 and receive grants of $15,000. Graduates of the Accelerator Program who are selected by the jury receive additional funding in the form of impact investment to implement their solution in Uganda. They will also be invited to Uganda for field visits and to talk to target customers and users if and when travel restrictions are lifted. Some of the successful teams of the program may also get a chance to showcase their solutions at the Davos Summit and the UN General Assembly.

  • Rauf Alp R. Denktaş
    Rauf Alp R. Denktaş
    Deputy Director General (MFA)
  • Seher Alacacı Arıner
    Seher Alacacı Arıner
    Co-Chair of the Project Board (UNDP CO)
  • Joshua Setipa
    Joshua Setipa
    Managing Director (UNTB for LDC)
  • Mustafa Osman Turan
    Mustafa Osman Turan
    Turkey's Ambassador to Bangladesh
  • Fikret Kerem Alp
    Fikret Kerem Alp
    Turkey’s Ambassador to Uganda.
  • Gülseren Çelik
    Gülseren Çelik
    Alternate Member of the Project Board (MFA)
  • Maxwell Otim Onapa
    Maxwell Otim Onapa
    Director of Science, Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Science, Uganda
  • Anir Chowdhury
    Anir Chowdhury
    Aspire to Innovate (a2i) Programme, Cabinet Division/ICT Division, Bangladesh, (UNDP)
  • Tina Jabeen
    Tina Jabeen
    Managing Director and CEO, Startup Bangladesh Limited
  • Pelin Rodoplu
    Pelin Rodoplu
    UNDP Portfolio Manager
  • Angeles Cortesi
    Angeles Cortesi
    Innovation Programme Management Officer (UNTB for LDC)
  • Melih Özsöz
    Melih Özsöz
    Member of the Project Board (LİMAK)
  • Arzu Deniz Aksoy
    Arzu Deniz Aksoy
    Communication Expert (UNDP)
  • Ebru Okutan
    Ebru Okutan
    Project Assistant (UNDP)
  • Ece İdil Kasap
    Ece İdil Kasap
    Accelerator Operator & Startup Value Creation Expert (UNDP)
  • Evrim Yarımağan
    Evrim Yarımağan
    Project Manager, (UNDP)
  • Memet Ünsal
    Memet Ünsal
    Accelerator Program & Network Design Expert (UNDP)
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