What is the SDG Impact Accelerator?

The SDG Impact Accelerator (SDGia) is a global accelerator built by a multi stakeholder platform focusing on empowering “systems entrepreneurs” and innovators who are providing impact at scale. It aims to generate market-creating innovations initially for refugee populations and least-developed country (LDC) populations at the second stage.

Market-creating innovations will be executed not by focusing on a particular solution only, but by mobilizing different stakeholders to catalyse systems change. As the partners of SDGia we are building a unique model for accelerating the discovery and market entry of solutions for the selected big problems related specifically to topics described below. We will do this by finding, mentoring and funding founders and innovators in an accelerated time frame with the help of global investors mentors and partners.

Why join the SDG Impact Accelerator?

You would be able to participate in 4 months acceleration program based in Turkey in which you will come together with mentors and experts in the field of technology you are developing.
● Equity free cash support at each stage up to 14,000$ in total
● Impact investment opportunity up to 100,000$
● Access to network of investors, mentors and experts
● Opportunity to pitch to partners from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNDP and many others.

Who can apply to the call?

You can apply if you are working on any technology, service or product offering a solution to a problem defined in the call to application. Mainly we are focused on solutions towards resolving poverty at any level for anyone, in particular, offering solutions for

● Technologies on Digital ID
● Solutions in water harvesting, desalination, water efficiency, wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse technologies, especially sanitation & hygiene technologies around non-sewage portable toilet and sanitation systems

The main focus of the solutions is refugees, but any scalable solution targeting poverty around the world will be considered.

How can we apply for the open call?

The applications will be easily tracked through www.sdgia.org

What is the deadline for submission of the application?

Don’t be late, application deadline is June 24, 2019.

What criteria do you use to select the teams?

  • Team – Is this team dedicated and passionate with a purpose to create a sustainable model?
  • Innovation – Does the technology or the business model provide a competitive edge?
  • Impact – Can the founders quantify and target an impact area within our focus?
  • Traction – Has the team demonstrated ability to execute a go-to-market strategy?

My team is not based in Turkey, can I participate remotely?

No. Onsite, in-person participation is mandatory. However, we do not require physical presence for all 4 months, and can accommodate requests to work remotely at times other than main conventions and field visits so long as we believe this will reinforce implementation of the solution.

How many of our team would need to be in Turkey for the program?

At least one, preferably two representatives from the team need to be present for each session.

We’ve already received funding, are we still qualified to apply?

Yes, you are most welcome. The acceleration funding of up to 10.000 USD is non-dilutive. We will negotiate how the impact investment will be structured in accordance with your current capital structure and valuation.

Do you have preferred topics that you focus on?

  • Technologies on Digital ID offering solutions especially for refugees
  • Solutions utilizing sanitation & hygiene technologies, especially around non-sewage portable toilet and sanitation systems

Does the SDG Impact Accelerator provide any funding?

Yes. We provide an equity free cash support at up to 10,000$. The alumni of the program also gain opportunity to receive an impact investment of up to 100,000$.

When do the selected teams receive funding?

Once the teams are selected and offered a seat in the pre-accelerator, they will receive a standard contract enabling them to be eligible for the grants. The first cash part of the contracts will be paid in the following first 5 business days.

Do I have to participate in the Pre-Acceleration program?

If you already have a product, you would be still be encouraged but not required to. The final decision on this will be given before acceptance to the program during the interviews.

Do you provide an office space for the duration of the accelerator?

Yes, we will provide an inspirational co-working space in Istanbul.

Do I have to pay for my travel and accommodation expenses?

If you are accepted as a team, you will be granted 1,000$ to join the program. You can use the amount to spend on travel, accommodation as well as marketing or technology development.

What is demo day like?

The Demo Day will be focused on putting the solutions and teams to the spot light. Our Demo Day will include invitees from public and private sectors as well as investors and partners. Our aim is not to limit the purpose of the presentations to just fundraising but also to give the founders the opportunity to present their progress and products. We will have the setup to allow for founders to have booths enabling the teams to showcase their progress in a open to public area.

I am already earning revenue, do I fit in an accelerator program?

The short answer is Yes. We believe that we can help any startup no matter what stage they are currently in, from minimum viable product to early traction.

What is the schedule of the Accelerator?

First Cohort
Start Date Ending Date
30 May 2019 26 June 2019 Application Period
28 June 2019 Top 20 Announced
6 July 2019 8 July 2019 Pre Acceleration Bootcamp
10 July 2019 Field Trip
6 July 2019 26 July 2019 Pre Acceleration Period
26 July 2019 Pitch Day
2 Aug 2019 Announcement of Selected Startups for Acceleration
5 Aug 2019 13 Sept 2019 Acceleration Period
12 Sept 2019 Showcase @Ankara
13 Sept 2019 Demo Day @Ankara
13 Sept 2019 Final Presentations & Showcase Event
13 Sept 2019 13 Dec 2019 Incubation Period with partners

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