Aiming to improve lives of millions, Turkey’s first-ever international impact accelerating programme “SDG Impact Accelerator” takes off

Led by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Eczacıbaşı Holding, Limak Holding and UN World Food Programme, Turkey’s first-ever international impact accelerating programme “SDG Impact Accelerator” will take off with a Training and Mentorship Programme in Istanbul on 6-8 July.

Aiming to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the programme will support both Turkish and foreign entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to current challenges.

5 July 2019, Ankara – The Training and Mentorship Programme will start in Istanbul on 6 July of the SDG Impact Accelerator programme that will bring together entrepreneurs from all around the world who will develop solutions which may facilitate, through digital ID, access to basic services and means of livelihoods or technological solutions on clean water and sanitation for refugees and disadvantaged groups.

Entrepreneurs, technology companies, civil society organisations that wish to develop their solutions on a commercial platform, and academicians are eligible for the Programme which in the period of 31 May to 27 June drew 150 applications from 35 countries and Turkey’s 11 provinces.

The teams selected from among the applicants to the SDG Impact Accelerator programme have been invited to the Training and Mentorship Programme as the start of the overall programme. A total of 27 teams from 14 countries will appear in the programme to be held on 6-8 July.

At the programme designed for global entrepreneurs from all around the world to set out their journey in Turkey with the highest-level support, entrepreneurs will meet with the national and international partners of the SDG Impact Accelerator, and present their technologies and solutions to Turkish and foreign investors and mentors.

Mustafa Osman Turan, Deputy Director-General for Multi-lateral Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the coordinating agency said: “We are expecting that selected teams will share with project partners and accelerate through field applications their initiatives that will improve lives of millions through the solutions they have developed on Ditigal ID to facilitate access to means of livelihoods and basic services, and on Portable Compost Toilets in the area of clean water and sanitation.”

Seher Alacacı, UNDP Turkey Assistant Resident Representative mentioned that the initiative is an important step towards Global Goals. Alacacı said: “Achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a promise to the people and the planet to be kept before 2030. We believe that we can achieve SDGs only if we work together. Therefore, we think that this initiative bringing all of us together in this platform is extremely valuable. We look forward to seeing how it will contribute to making a positive impact in lives of refugees and disadvantaged people in Turkey and all around the World.”

Mayank Midha, CEO of M3 Toilet Resources (GARV Toilets) selected into the programme from India stated that they brought an innovative solution to the toilet problem through solar-powered, portable, environment-friendly smart toilets. Midha said: “We believe that our initiative will eliminate the hygiene problem for thousands of people by solving the toilet problem in the camps of seasonal workers and refugees. We will implement this initiative in many countries of the world including particularly Turkey with the support of SDG Impact Accelerator.”

Ozan Sönmez, Director of SDG Impact Accelerator, expressed his happiness that a record number of applications were received from all over the world in a short time on account of the contributions from project leaders and supporters and due to the fact that Sustainable Development Goals are firmly on the global agenda.

The entrepreneurs under the programme will receive financial support up to 14,000 USD, support from local and foreign mentors, field visits, opportunities for networking and partnering, finding partners from other countries, and up to 100,000 USD of impact investment facility.

Starting on 6 July, the process will continue until the “Impact Accelerator Demo Day” to be held on 13 September.


  • Programme sessions: 6-7 July 2019, 8:30-18:00 and 8 July 2019, 9:00-12:30
  • Social Get-together: 6 July 2019, 19:30

Participants with challenges:


Startup Name


Brief Description
Toilet Innovation Challenge change:WATER Labs United States Waste-evaporating toilets for un-sewer homes/areas
Toilet Innovation Challenge M3 Toilet Resources India (GARV Toilets) India Smart Toilets
Toilet Innovation Challenge AKYAS Jordan AKYAS is a single use toilet bag with hygiene kit
Toilet Innovation Challenge Tierra Grata Colombia Decentralized and  affordable sanitation solution
Clean Water and  Sanitation 374Water United States Convert waste to energy and clean water
Clean Water and  Sanitation Blue Filter Palestine Green technology for water contaminants removals
Clean Water and  Sanitation FlowLess Palestine Comprehensive smart water networks management sol.
Clean Water and  Sanitation I Water Robot X Co. Turkey Robot that collect solid &liquid waste on water
Clean Water and  Sanitation Nepser A.S. Turkey Waste water treatment without electrical energy
Digital ID Innovation Challenge Gravity Earth Kenya Self-sovereign digital wallet platform
Digital ID Innovation Challenge Netherlands Providing access to human rights via digital IDs.
Digital ID Innovation Challenge Sertifier Turkey Design, send and store smart certificates
Digital ID Innovation Challenge ZAKA ID Rwanda A digital ID solution for Sub Saharan Africa
Digital ID Innovation Challenge inid Belgium An inclusive digital ID solution for refugees
Livelihood Opportunities FazlaGida Turkey Fazla Gıda recovers the best value out of surplus.
Livelihood Opportunities Monicont Turkey We streamline rural electrification in Africa.
Livelihood Opportunities Cambridge Motorics United Kingdom Objectively and effectively train  refugees
Livelihood Opportunities Migport Turkey Online Refugee Knowledge Sharing Platform
Livelihood Opportunities Nanomed Turkey We develop a mobile,cheap  point of care biosensor
Livelihood Opportunities BAYSEDDO Senegal Bayseddo is a crowd farming company.
Livelihood Opportunities Hakaya Netherlands empowering the underserved.
Livelihood Opportunities Edubook Palestine Reach to refugee students
Livelihood Opportunities ReasonY United Kingdom Reason makes the CSR transparent with blockchain
Livelihood Opportunities Smart Forest World Germany Marketplace for Tokenized Trees & Carbon Credits
Livelihood Opportunities Tifika-Education Digital Certification Turkey Digital Certification and Training Management
Livelihood Opportunities Mark Labs United States Help investors link investment to SDG outcomes.
Livelihood Opportunities B4SC Turkey A mentorship network for free for refugees
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