Ankara, October 2020. Following its pilot program successfully launched in 2019, Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator (SDGia) partners identified Bangladesh and Uganda as partners for its second program to empower impact entrepreneurs who can provide innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by low income groups in these countries.

In line with this objective, Government of Turkey channeled seed capital for the implementation of the “SDGia Second Program” that has started in June 2020. The Project Document for this cooperation was signed in January 2020 among Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP Turkey, and United Nations Technology Bank for LDCs. A Project Team, composed of a Project Manager, Accelerator Program Co-Leads and two Project Assistants, has started their duties in July.

The second program SDG Impact Accelerator Program will replicate its pilot program in Bangladesh and Uganda with challenge areas respectively selected as financial inclusion and digital agriculture.

The project aims to contribute to the establishment of partnerships between innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Bangladesh, Uganda and Turkey while supporting domestic capacities in these countries.

Following the consultation meetings held with the partners in Uganda and Bangladesh, the Accelerator Call is under preparation and planned to be announced globally by November 2020.

In June 2019, the first SDGia Accelerator Call was opened on two challenge areas; “Access to livelihoods through Digital ID” and “New generation sanitation”.

The aim of these pilot implementations was to provide scalable solutions which are successful in Turkey and prepare them for impact investors. The implementation period of six alumni projects funded by SDGia are currently underway in Turkey.

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