FlowLess helps water service providers reduce water leakage by providing a comprehensive smart water networks management system, consisting of smart bulk meters and sensors, clustering, and fully autonomous analysis and interpretation using artificial intelligence. Leakage is automatically detected, and monitoring, interpretation, reporting of the network status are provided in addition to the ability to forecast future incidents, including water contamination and quality monitoring. This helps in maintaining the sustainability of water resources in addition to cutting down networks management costs and hence providing more affordable water resources.


I Water Robot X Co.


I Water Robot X builds robotic solutions that cleans sanitation wastes in sea. These robotic solutions clean plastic, oil wastes that comes with sanitation waste from the surface, bottom or inside of water. A report of the collected wastes is stored in the internet.




INID (Inclusive ID) is an impact-focused startup that provides and operates an Integrated Digital ID Platform which offers solutions for vulnerable communities and the related ecosystems. It is a customised, scalable, decentralised and secure human-centred Digital Identity Management system (DIM) that leverages blockchain and edge-cloud technology with ability for tokenization.




Fazla Gıda provides the first digital holistic technology platform to manage food surplus, connecting companies with surplus to charities that donate to people in need. Prioritizing solutions according to Food Recovery Hierarchy, Fazla Gıda also creates a unique marketplace for donating surplus inventories as well as recycling and reselling of surplus and data analytics for reducing waste at the source.




We streamline rural electrification in Africa.


Cambridge Motorics

United Kingdom

Cambridge Motorics’s mission is to disrupt & revolutionize the vocational training (“VT”) sector by providing adaptable training platform that objectively measures performance rapidly&reliably. It consists of specialized testing rigs training different types of manual dexterity&capturing high-precision data. Their vision is to deploy powerful data analytics to interpret performance&provide robust feedback empowering all stakeholders. 




Migport helps refugees exchange knowledge with each other, locals and organizations regarding their daily problems. Migport’s Q&A application collects anonymous real-time data regarding daily problems of refugees in Turkey. Having profiles’ categorization, skill-sets and inventory, Migport’s database function as anonymous digital ID connecting refugees with employment opportunities in Turkey. Migport help organizations prepare better social cohesion programs for refugees with evidence-data-based reports and reach refugees online easily, secured and anonymously.




They develop a mobile compatible  point of care biosensor that can diagnose infection and infectious diseases in minutes.


Smart Forest World


Smart Forest helps Privates (B2C) with low/mid investing possibilities to save/invest money long-term/ zero-risk, by providing them an App/marketplace where they can buy/sell bio-digital financial assets (“Smart Trees”, with NFT/Ethereum ERC-721 certificates). This asset will have high liquidity and profitability, it will be secured with 3 levels: timber, carbon-offset, collectible value.  They help Enterprises (B2B) that want to improve their business image, by offsetting their carbon emission, by buying and holding assets (“Smart Trees”) that they offer. It’s much more transparent, sustainable and efficient than today’s money lost on greenwashing/quotes buying.


Mark Labs

United States

Mark Labs is a mission-driven data analytics software company. Their technology exponentially improves the ability of investors, companies, governments, and the philanthropic sector to assess, manage, and optimize the ROI on their sustainability, social impact, and charitable investments and activities. 


Tierra Grata


Tierra Grata provides access for water, energy and sanitation services to rural areas through decentralized and affordable technologies, in the line of sanitation. They provide  safe and decentralized sanitation services to rural and communities through composting toilets.

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