Our call is open to teams from all around the world!

  • Do you have a solution which has potential to support especially leastdeveloped country (LDC) populations?

  • Are you looking for funding to develop your Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) or improve your existing product?

  • Do you have an innovative idea or product you want to launch or scale-up?

  • Are you ready to implement or test your solution with the support of localinstitutions and additional investment?

Here's some answers to why you should apply to the SDG impact accelerator

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2021 23:59 (GMT+3)

Receive up to $15K equity free cash, access SDGia’s global network, implement your solution with local support

Digital Agriculture

Financial Inclusion

For more details on the Call and Who Can Apply, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join the SDGia

When you are selected to the program, you will
  • Be part of a global network which will support you as you work towards the SDGs and create your impact in the world
  • Receive equity-free grant of $15,000 when you get accepted tothe Accelerator Program
  • Receive mentorship from UNDP, UN Technology Bank, governmental institutions, financial and technology experts, and global investors
  • Receive impact investment at the end of the program if youridea or product is selected for implementation


  • Applications

    January 31st

  • Selection of Teams


  • Pre-Acceleration

    March 18th - April 9th

  • Acceleration

    May 13rd - June 25th

  • Implementation

    July - October



The teams that successfully complete pre-acceleration and are accepted to the accelerator program will be granted cash up to $15K and in-kind support.


SDGia’s global and local support network with its strong partners covers a wide range of organizations willing to support you during and beyond the program.


Building a sustainable business requires many functions to operate together. SDGia program is designed to have mentors support your specific needs while you grow your business.


The SDGia is building an impact fund to be allocated to the accelerator graduates. An investment offer up to up to $100K could be made available to the successful graduates of the accelerator.


Adapting a product to a specific market requires frequent contact and clear understanding between the solver and the beneficiaries. Physical or not, SDGia takes you closer to the field for understanding the users and meeting with the main actors.


SDGia focuses on getting your project live on the field. We make targeted introductions to make the process smoother and continue supporting you during the implementation phase.