AKYAS helps users access a complete sanitation system that can be installed anytime, in any place, and disinfects pathogens within the feces (in 3 days) to prevent disease transmission. AKYAS system is a 0 water, 0 energy product and the system can be integrated into existing facilities with minimal cost. AKYAS’ goal is to provide safe and affordable sanitation solutions to people around the world.


Blue Filter


Blue Filter specializes in producing natural filters for water purification of nitrates and other harmful substances without the use of any chemical additives or energy. Blue Filter uses green materials in our products, as well as providing awareness services and online or offline tests for water quality. Blue Filter’s products fit all customers in terms of weight and size in both water and agricultural sector.


change:WATER Labs

United States

change:WATER Labs is developing the “iThrone”, a portable, waste-shrinking toilet to aggressively evaporate (or “flush” away) 90-95% of daily sewage onsite—to clean up communities and drastically reduce the costs, volumes and frequencies of waste collection, thus enabling decentralized sanitation servicing to be much more scalable and sustainable. Their 2 core technologies are: (1) a low-cost evaporative membrane that soaks up and evaporates the water content of liquid and solid waste; and (2) a “pee-powered” battery to power ventilation that eliminates odor. Their toilet not only conserves water, it recovers clean water from waste.


GARV Toilets


GARV Toilets provides integrated WASH solutions to densely populated underserved communities. Their journey started with the development of an indestructible and smart public toilet which is also portable in structure. Most of their target communities depend on community sanitation and largely these toilets are either filthy, unhygienic or vandalised, which leads to open defecation practices and subsequent diarroheal diseases.


Nepser A.Ş.


Nepser is a company focused on wastewater treatment without energy consumption. Their product uses only the power of nature and water. 


Gravity Earth


Gravity offers a cloud platform where everyone can receive, store and manage trusted digital credentials in a secure digital wallet. Their solution helps small businesses access cheaper credit by leveraging data from suppliers, utilities, and payment providers. The latter can monetize their data in a GDPR compliant way and benefit from more solvent customers, and lenders have easy access to verifiable data that helps them better assess creditworthiness, thus reducing risk and broadening their customer base.




Sertifier is a web application that enables its users (i.e. universities, NGOs, private sector companies that require in-firm training, etc.) to design, distribute and store smart certificates and open badges. Certificates are stored on a blockchain based system along with tags that represent the skills gained by qualifying to these certificates.




Many people affected by natural or man-made disaster find themselves without an easy way of proving their identities, making it hard to gain access to aid or public services. Tykn’s digital identity platform allows public and private institutions to issue and verify digital identity credentials, alongside an innovative way of sharing and requesting personal data proofs. Users are provided with an app, a digital identity wallet, that works on every mobile device and allows access to digital services from institutions in a private and secure manner. Their aim is to transform the identity component within the aid-delivery process, ensuring value creation along the entire aid delivery chain. 




ZAKA ID helps individuals who need to access digital and physical services immediately and safely. They do so by providing consumers with a secure mobile application which helps them to proactively create, store and use their personal ID credentials that can then be automatically verified by issuing authorities or trusted third parties through the app. This Digital ID wallet helps those who own a phone or who can reach relevant service centers to access services they weren’t able to access before, due to the inability to present needed credentials on time, if at all.  

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